Why you should give Gamefly a shot

There are many reasons today to own a gaming platform. These days, a console like PS4 or Xbox can do a lot more than simply allow you to play games. Once hooked up to the TV, many game consoles actually allow you to view Internet content. This includes services such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

But the main reason to own a game console is still to play video games. Consoles themselves aren’t cheap, starting around $360 for the newest platforms. It doesn’t end there, however. Typically, you’d have to spend $50 or $60 to purchase each game, presuming you like to buy new releases.

This is why I prefer to have a Gamefly membership instead. Using Gamefly, I pay a low monthly fee and can borrow as many games as I want. This allows me to try out a greater number of games while paying much less money over the long run. The best part is that I don’t have to go anywhere to get my games, since they are delivered to my door. So make sure you learn about how you can try Gamefly for free.