Vegetarian Diets 101

Many people contemplate becoming a vegetarian for one of two reasons. The first is because they are against cruelty to animals. The second reason is because they believe it is a better diet for their health.

Vitamin B12Is a vegetarian diet indeed healthier? It seems for the most part, the answer is yes. On the whole, people on vegetarian diets have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They also tend to be thinner, which is a big plus because today’s society suffers a serious obesity epidemic.

The standard vegetarian diet means you do not eat any meats. But you are allowed, under some plans, to eat animal-derived products like cheese, milk, or eggs. Such foods, in fact, may become your primary sources of protein.

The stricter form of vegetarian diet, called the vegan diet, avoids all animal products completely. Under this plan, you are not allowed to eat dairy or eggs, and as you can probably guess, this diet is a lot harder to follow.

Of the two, I recommend people start out with the standard vegetarian diet because it is easier to follow. Even if your ultimate goal is to become a vegan, it’s smart to take small steps toward your goal instead of making a drastic change to your diet overnight.

A good way to progress into a vegan diet is:

  1. Eliminate red meats. You can still eat white meats like turkey and chicken. You should find this step fairly easy to take.
  2. Eliminate all meats except fish. If you don’t like fish, this step might be a bit difficult. You can also just eat meats every other day to help you transition into vegetarian diet.
  3. Become a vegetarian. As stated above, you may still eat eggs and dairy products.
  4. Become a vegan.

One thing you must be mindful of if you become a vegetarian is that you’ll need to supplement your diet with vitamins to make sure you get enough B12. Typically, vegetarians are deficient in this vitamin, and it is therefore important for you to ensure you’re getting enough. The easiest way is to purchase a supplement from a reputable online vitamin store such as Pureformulas.

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