Online dating tips for getting the best results

I’ve found that online dating is very much a numbers game. To be successful, you need to put yourself out there on the most popular dating sites, and have a lot of patience. Some people get results fairly quickly but others must work hard to find the person that’s right for them.

woman using online dating sites on a laptopI find that joining one dating site is usually a bit limiting. If you like being in the driver’s seat, the best strategy is to join one free dating site like Plentyoffish or Okcupid, as well as a popular paid dating site like The results from free dating sites are not as good as the potential matches you’ll get on However, I recommend joining them simply because once you have a profile, it’s easy enough to replicate them on free dating sites. This gives you more exposure and increases the chances of meeting that special someone.

If you find yourself ready for a serious commitment, then the two sites you should be joining are Eharmony and Along with those two, you should also join a couple free dating sites. The reason I recommend Eharmony and for people who want a serious relationship is that these two sites are specifically geared to meet the needs of people who are ready to settle down. You’ll definitely notice a difference between the people on sites like vs. the people on Eharmony. Note that Eharmony and only match you with a limited number of people; this means such sites will require you to be a bit more patient than other sites. If you’re interested in getting an Eharmony free trial, be sure to visit

Regardless of which site you join, you want to spend a lot of time working on your profile. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from others on your profile, and be sure that you reread the profile once a month and make revisions or improvements. Also, make sure you post multiple photos. The best photos will be ones that can be conversation starters. A photo of you playing a sport, being with animals, etc. are great for the purpose of starting a conversation with prospective matches. The main profile photo, however, should be a head shot. If you can afford it, it pays to get a professional photo taken. Many studies have shown that professional photos tend to draw more interest.