Are daily disposables worth the extra cost?

I love contact lenses. They are extremely comfortable nowadays, so much so that I’ve ditched the idea of getting Lasik surgery. What’s more, if you buy your lenses on the Internet at top contact lens vendors like, you can get quite a deal and potentially save hundreds of dollars a month. This is especially true if you use coupons.

ac lens coupon codeThat said, you’ll likely still pay a lot more for contact lenses than you would if you wore glasses. The reason? Almost everything associated with contacts costs more, from eye exams to the accessories you need, such as contact lens solutions, drops, and cases.

To minimize the hassle of contact lens maintenance, many people switch to using daily disposable contact lenses. Some popular brands of daily disposable contacts include Acuvue Moist, Focus Dailies, and Softlens Dailies. But one thing you should be aware of is that if you make this switch, your contact lens costs will roughly double.

Unless your optometrist recommends daily disposables to you for a specific reason, I would therefore not recommend making the switch. The only thing daily disposables will do is save you from the hassle of storing your lenses. But the maintenance required is minimal. All you really need to do is take out the lenses, rub them for 15 seconds each, and store them in solution. The whole process can take a minute or less.

To me, it’s not worth paying hundreds of dollar more per year to save a minute every day. But if you still want to give them a try, you can get them cheaply at my favorite contact lens store, Lenscom. This store has the lowest prices I’ve been able to find anywhere. And as mentioned earlier, if you use a coupon code for, you can increase your savings even further.